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Workshops and Yin Yoga
teacher trainings

Dominik Trznadel

Meet me

Hi, I'm Dominik, husband on a daily basis, father of two wonderful daughters, who loves walking with his dog, traveling

and cooking Asian cuisine. Professionally, I am a yin yoga instructor, I have conducted trainings in Poland, Slovenia, England, China and Bali.

My professional experience has always oscillated around spirituality, psychology, health and education. Through the study of cultural anthropology, personal exploration of meditation, and extensive travel to over 30 countries, I have had the opportunity to train myself

and find your professional path. 


I spent over 7 years in China to deepen my knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is the basis of my Yin Yoga practice.

​My yoga practice combines over 1000 hours of teacher training under the supervision of senior Yin yoga Jo Phee, both as an assistant during her training and as a student.


Dominik Trznadel

"By teaching you will learn,
by learning you will teach" 

A Latin proverb

I conduct exceptional trainings 

I invite you to the space where we will delve into the practice of Yin Yoga and its wonderful properties. Yin allows you to slow down, relax and turn inward. By the end of the courses offered, participants will have a deeper understanding of the practice and will be thoroughly introduced to yin yoga.

  • We will open ourselves to changing the quality of our lives,

  • We will allow good changes,

  • we will love the body,

  • We will learn and assimilate holistic tools for treatment,

  • We will deepen our own yin yoga practice,

  • We will connect with our yin side in the yang world,

  • We will strengthen the body,

  • We will deepen our knowledge of the anatomy of the body,

  • We will share yoga with others, 

  • We will learn how to live more peacefully,

  • We will gain greater flexibility and mobility of the body,

  • We will learn different breathing techniques.

I'm glad you're here. Cool changes await us! 

Dominik Trznadel conducting a yin yoga teacher training

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Courses

Teacher training is dedicated to

who want to become or are currently yoga instructors.

The course explores the knowledge of yoga and trains teachers to better understand how to introduce students to the world of yin yoga.

I invite you to a few-day intensive training. 

Short Workshops

Dedicated to everyone who wants to explore a given subject, regardless of experience and knowledge.

For those who want to deepen their knowledge and better understand themselves and their own body.

Workshops are a form of introduction to practice and philosophy.

Meet me for group work.

Yoga Retreats
Dominik Trznadel conducting a yin yoga workshop in China

Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats provide long-term benefits. You will build a deeper relationship with nature, break old habits, routines and thought patterns. A great chance to get out of your comfort zone in a new environment and come back inspired and ready for action. It can also be a great opportunity to turn off your phone, immerse yourself in nature, and generally slow down the pace of life. On yoga tripsthoseyou are surrounded by like-minded people.

Yoga training away from home can certainly become a profound experience that will leave you hungry for more, giving you a fresh perspective on your practice.

Your Testimony

“Dominik is an avid learner and teaches from his heart. His kind and warm nature is very suited for the Yin practice. Students will benefit tremendously from the authenticity of his teachings which shine vividly through his personality. I highly recommend his teachings to all"

Jo Phee, Founder of MyoYin and AcuYin


Trainings information: Dominik Trznadel  |  Tel: +44 7784 315930

Cooperation & Registration: Klaudyna Nieroda  |  Tel: +44 7512300908

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