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Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course offering participants an introduction

to Traditional Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy.

The 50-hour course will include elements of both theory and practice.

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Hip Anatomy (I) is a practice that combines two arts, Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC). During the practice, we will stimulate energy channels that, according to TMC, transport the life energy Qi. We will deepen our knowledge of the anatomy of the hips and use asana positions from the Yin yoga repertoire.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practicing Yin Yoga helps us move energy through the body to bring it back into harmony. One of the unique aspects of Yin yoga is the inclusion of the body's energy lines, called meridians. These are similar to the concept of Nadis from traditional yoga philosophy. In the course we will look at the 12 main meridians according to Taoist meridian theory, what happens when they are out of balance and how you can implement them in your yin yoga practice for your well-being.

(Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine is the trademark of the Jo Phee Yinspiration school of yoga and this course follows its methodology.)

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga, due to its uniqueness, is gaining more and more circles of yoga enthusiasts. Its meditative, calming, and perhaps even therapeutic effects are wonderful for many modern practitioners. The very popular practice of Yin Yoga can be both a perfect complement to more dynamic forms of movement and a very rich practice in itself.

Anatomia Bioder

Hip Anatomy (I)

There are six lower body meridians, often considered to be more yin in nature, which begin or end at the feet, and six yang meridians, which begin or end at the hands.


If you've ever wondered why Yin yoga classes focus so much on the hips, it's specifically for this reason: the lower six meridians are yin in nature, so they can be accessed through hip-opening poses.

After completing the entire course, participants will receive a YA certificate and a script for practice.


The practice of Yin yoga allows you to slow down, relax and turn inward, which helps relieve stress and restore energy levels

Conduct Yin workshops & Classes

Step-by-step guidance, scripts and practice, as well as detailed practical techniques to help you become a Yin Yoga teacher with TCM elements


Looking at items, discussing variations, studying sequencing examples, and spending a lot of time evaluating your own experience

Yoga Styles

Explore the differences between Yin yoga, restorative yoga, and dynamic yoga

Teaching Aids

Learn how to do Yin yoga in different ways (with props, without props and more)

Learn about Chinese Medicine and its impact on your life

Applying the TCM meridian theory to the practice of Yin yoga can lead to internal transformation

Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine
& Hip Anatomy (I)

- Teacher Training Course (50hrs) -

1. Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

  • Main assumptions and history of TCM

  • Energy Channels. Emotions, organs and the energy clock

  • Location of energy channels - Massage of energy channels

  • 3 treasures (Jing, Qi, Shen)

  • Yin Yang philosophy

  • Theory of energy channels: location, functions, dysfunctions

  • Energy cycle

  • Energy Clock

  • The Five Element Theory

  • Dietary and lifestyle recommendations regarding the elements

  • Guasha massage

  • TCM lifestyle, diet and maintenance

  • Theory of Yin, Yang and Qi

2. Yin Yoga

  • Theory and practice of Yin yoga

  • Analysis of classic positions

  • Prop use and modifications

  • Safety during practice

  • Sequencing and teaching methodology

  • How to teach functional yoga

  • Modern theory of energy channels

  • Position modifications

  • Using TCM in yoga practice

3. Yoga Anatomy (hips)

  • Anatomy of the hip joint

  • Physiology and kinesiology (hips)

  • Common pathologies and treatments (hip)

  • Skeletal differences (hips)

  • Yin Yoga Position Analysis (Hips)



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This course is for anyone who:

Is used to practicing more yang style asanas and wants to test himself

Wants to develop, regardless of whether you are a teacher or have any previous experience in yoga

Would like to learn how to conduct Yin Yoga sessions individually or in groups

Want to learn how to release emotional blockages through Yin Yoga

Is interested in holistic medicine and wants to incorporate it into a yoga practice

Dominik Trznadel Yin Yoga Instructor

Dominik Trznadel


- Registered ERYT500 and YACEP trainer at Yoga Alliance,

- Trainer offering teacher courses and workshops in AcuYin, MyoYin, Meridian Nidra and Yin Yoga combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine,

- Member of the Yinspiration team founded by one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers: Jo Phee,

- Jo Phee's assistant at numerous training courses around the world.

I cordially invite you to the Yin Yoga & TCM teaching course, which I will conduct for you

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