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The Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course offers participants an introduction to MyoYin in Yin Yoga & Spinal Anatomy.

The 50-hour course will include elements of both theory and practice.

MyoYin (Myofascial Release: MFR) is a practice that combines Yin Yoga and self-massage. During the course, we will learn the main principles of Yin Yoga in combination with various MFR techniques (including work with balls). We will deepen our knowledge of the anatomy of the spine and learn various techniques to improve mobility by using asana positions from the Yin yoga repertoire.

This hands-on learning experience is for all fitness instructors, pilates instructors, yoga directors, dance instructors, sports coaches or other movement specialists.

(MyoYin is the trademark of the Jo Phee Yinspiration yoga school and this course follows its methodology)


What really is MyoYin?

Myoyin is essentially about myofascial release in Yin yoga poses, so when practiced together it gives us a powerful tool for working with our own bodies. Now imagine the combination of the feeling you have in your body after an effective massage and relaxing yin yoga, and you will get MyoYin! A perfect combination that can have a powerful effect on your entire body – inducing a deep feeling of relaxation.

Fascial massage and Yin yoga are powerful techniques when used individually and are even more powerful when used together. Both affect the muscular and fascial system to restore the body to optimal health.

Yin Yoga

Over the years, Yin yoga has become an extremely popular practice. Rooted at the crossroads of ancient Eastern cultures, its unique format provides a counterbalance to our fast-paced world. Yin yoga uses static postures to relieve tension, increase breath awareness and develop mindfulness.

This is a slow practice, so most sessions only include a few poses. By maintaining one position for longer, practitioners can use the balls to stimulate the fascia, improving blood flow.

Anatomia Kregoslupa

Spine Anatomy

The MyoYin course will familiarize participants with the anatomy of the spine. We will read not only the anatomical descriptions, but above all we will focus on the functional use of this area in the practice of Yin yoga.

After completing the entire course, participants will receive a YA certificate and a ready-made script for practice.


Discover how fascial massage will increase your body awareness and give you the tools to take care of yourself.

Teach Individually

Step-by-step guidance to help you offer classes

and self-massage workshops

tailored to the individual needs of your students.

Modern knowledge

An innovative approach to working with fascia based on the latest scientific research.

Trigger Points

Learn about the points in your body that accumulate tension and use this knowledge to increase your mobility and reduce tension.

Teaching Aids

Learn how to practice MyoYin in a variety of ways using props and more.

- Yin Yoga - MyoYin, Fascia & Spine Anatomy 

- Teacher Training Course (50hrs) -

1. The Science of Fascia

  • Current scientific research

  • Fascial dysfunctions

  • Rolling and multi-vector massage of the fascia

  • The role of fascia in yoga

  • Biotensegrity (continuity and interdependence of fascia)

​3. Yin Yoga

  • Yin Yoga theory and practice

  • Analysis of classic Yin poses

  • Position modifications

  • Applying aids to the practice of Yin asanas

  • Safety while practicing Yin

  • Sequencing and methodology of teaching Yin yoga

  • Yin Yoga Archetypes

2. Practice and theory of MFR

  • Thematic classes

  • Trigger points

  • MyoYin Practice

  • Safety Practicum: how to teach MyoYin

  • Rolling techniques and methods

  • Working with balls Ball sequencing

  • MyoYin sequencing

  • Working with different parts of the body

  • Applying various tools to practice

  • Combining yoga practice and MFR

  • Acu-massage

  • GuaSha massage

4. Yoga anatomy (spine)

  • Anatomy 101 (Spine)

  • Physiology and kinesiology (spine)

  • Common pathologies (spine)

  • Skeletal differences

  • Functional anatomy

  • Analysis of yoga positions in relation to the spine

Bieg przez pole


Bieganie na zewnątrz


Pokojowe tętnienie

Alleviates Pain



This course is for anyone who:

Is a yoga teacher, healthcare provider or fitness instructor seeking more tools to support clients with injury rehab and prevention, pain management, and optimal tissue health

Is interested in an effective tool when working with pain, injuries, movement restrictions (limited range of motion), performance enhancement, as an adjunct to help prevent injuries and as a tool to support the health of the connective tissue

Would like to learn how to conduct MyoYin sessions using modifications and props to adapt the techniques to individual needs

Wants to learn a non-invasive way to target pain & tension for yourself, and your students

Wants to deepen knowledge of fascia, incorporate it into a yoga practice, and find out how it is directly related to emotional and physical well-being

Dominik Trznadel Yin Yoga Instructor


- Registered ERYT500 and YACEP trainer at Yoga Alliance,

- Trainer offering teacher courses and workshops in AcuYin, MyoYin, Meridian Nidra and Yin Yoga combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine,

- Member of the Yinspiration team founded by one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers: Jo Phee,

- Jo Phee's assistant at numerous training courses around the world.

Dominik Trznadel

I cordially invite you to the MyoYin teaching course, which I will conduct for you

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