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The Yoga Alliance accredited teacher training course offers participants an introduction to Acupressure in Yin Yoga & Hip Anatomy.

The 50-hour course will include elements of both theory and practice.

AcuYin is a practice that combines Yin Yoga, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TMC) and Acupressure. During the course, we will learn about many of the most important acupressure points and their properties in TCM. We will deepen our knowledge of the anatomy of the hips and use asana positions from the Yin yoga repertoire.

(AcuYin is the trademark of the Jo Phee Yinspiration yoga school and this course follows its methodology.)

AcuYin - Acupressure in yoga

Acupressure, originating from ancient China, is based on the principle of activating acupuncture points on meridians, which correct Qi imbalance. Activating specific points on the meridians facilitates local pain reduction, and combining it with the practice of yin yoga will help release physical tension and unblock stagnant energy in the body. During the course, we will learn about the most important acupressure points relating to energy channels (meridians) and the Five Transformations cycle from Chinese Medicine. We will learn the properties of acupressure points and their exact location so that we can skillfully conduct AcuYin classes ourselves.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga uses gentle, relaxing postures to relieve tension, increase breath awareness and develop mindfulness.

This is a slow practice, so most sessions only include a few poses. By maintaining one position for longer, practitioners can use their hands or acupuncture to stimulate acupressure points, improving the flow of 'Qi'.

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Hip Anatomy (II)

Yin yoga classes focus on the hips, this is due to the six lower meridians, which are Yin in nature. During the course, we will explore the anatomy of the hips, their structure and functional use during the practice of Yin asanas.

After completing the entire course, participants will receive a YA certificate and a study manual for practice.

Energy awareness

Discover how special points on your body can become a source of powerful rebalancing and even healing

Teach individually

Step-by-step guidance, scripts and practice to help you offer special classes and workshops tailored to the individual, specific needs of your students

AcuYin podręcznik


By combining Yin poses and using acupressure points, you will understand how to support your body, mind, emotions and spirit.


You will learn how to extract the ancient knowledge of Acupressure through skillful sequencing and spending a lot of time assessing your own experience

The five elements theory

Applying the TCM Five Transformations theory to the practice of Yin yoga and everyday life can lead to internal transformation and the achievement of health, knowledge, wisdom and happiness.

- Yin Yoga - AcuYin, Acupressure

& Hip Anatomy (II)

- Teacher Training Course (50hrs) -

(maksymalnie 10 godzin Yin jogi, pozostałe 40 godzin poświęcone jest Akupresurze w jodze)

1. Acupressure

  • Origin of acupressure points

  • System of energy channels

  • Lines and properties of energy channels

  • Acupressure theory

  • Acupressure methods

  • The most important points of acupressure

  • Location, functions and properties of points

2. AcuYin (Yin Yoga + Acupressure)

  • Yin Yoga theory and practice

  • Analysis of classic Yin Yoga positions

  • The use of aids and modifications of asanas

  • Practice safety

  • Practicum: how to teach AcuYin

  • Acupressure and yoga practice

  • Acu-massage

  • AcuYin sequencing

3. Yoga Anatomy (hips)

  • Anatomy 101 (hips)

  • Physiology and kinesiology (hips)

  • Common pathologies (hips)

  • Skeletal differences

  • Functional anatomy

  • Analysis of yoga poses in relation to the hips

3. Yoga Anatomy (hips)

  • Anatomy 101 (hips)

  • Physiology and kinesiology (hips)

  • Common pathologies (hips)

  • Skeletal differences

  • Functional anatomy

  • Analysis of yoga poses in relation to the hips





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This course is for anyone who:

Is used to a more yang style asana practice and wants to find inner balance by incorporating gentle Yin postures

Is interested in Acupressure and holistic practice and would like to incorporate it into his group classes or individual practice

Would like to learn how to conduct AcuYin sessions individually or in groups

Wants to relieve pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and increase a sense of peace and well-being

Wants to deepen knowledge of Chinese Medicine and incorporate it into a yoga practice

Dominik Trznadel Yin Yoga Instructor

Dominik Trznadel


- Registered ERYT500 and YACEP trainer at Yoga Alliance,

- Trainer offering teacher courses and workshops in AcuYin, MyoYin, Meridian Nidra and Yin Yoga combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine,

- Member of the Yinspiration team founded by one of the most experienced Yin yoga teachers: Jo Phee,

- Jo Phee's assistant at numerous training courses around the world.

I cordially invite you to the AcuYin teacher training, which I will conduct for you

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